Leaders First is a private organisation established in London in January 2018 by Fabrizio Nicolosi

The need for an innovative approach to executive and entrepreneurship education brought the idea of providing transformative learning experiences to life. Growing demand in a powerful network and trusted environment, where global-minded professionals can share experiences, determined the format of Leaders First as by-invitation-only membership organisation. A community of entrepreneurs, business owners, C-level managers and senior professionals based in London, Milan, Moscow, Rome and New York came together and formed a family of members, contributors and ambassadors who share same values, desire to learn from leaders and a wish to exchange knowledge.

Leaders First focuses on improving soft-skills needed for leadership and entrepreneurship roles. The transformative learning experience is based on the Academy, an online platform and offline masterclasses, and on Events that foster growth. All educational tools are suitable for any professional from any industry willing to boost their potential.

Our global network extends from the West to the East. We owe our success of highly acknowledged events to our active global community and a network of partners. We offer a number of different ways for members to get involved and to make the most of their membership.

Leaders First is governed by a Board of Directors (BoD). Our BoD establishes the direction of Leaders First via its mission, strategy, budget , and key initiatives; ensures that the leadership, resources, and finances in place match the community’s vision. The BoD monitors and improves the performance of the organisation on all levels. The BoD works closely with various committees (Membership Committee, Academy Committee, Ambassadors Committee) in order to develop new initiatives and monitor the progress of multiple projects.

The Board of Directors gets advice from the Advisory Board and the Committees, who are both independent bodies providing strategic recommendations.

Ambassadors are selected entrepreneurs and professionals who joined the organisation at the early stage of the development. Having been chosen for their trust and long-term commitment they support Leaders First initiatives on selected levels.



39 Ludgate Hill

City of London


United Kingdom 

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