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A delightful Christmas event in London

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Masha Blinova, Julie-Anna Needham, Giovanni Amodeo, Fabrizio Nicolosi

On the 28th of November Leaders First hosted their 2019 London Christmas reception, in a cosy restaurant in Knightsbridge, with decorations galore. A warm evening gathered members from UK and their guests, as well as members who traveled for this occasion from Italy, Spain and Austria.

The evening featured an insightful conversation with Fabrizio Nicolosi, Founder of Leaders First, who was skilfully interviewed by Julie-Anna Needham, Podcast producer, Media trainer, and Journalist, they explored the journey of Leaders First since it’s start in 2018.

They also gave the insider view on the next 6 month calendar of initiatives: from dinner talks to conferences & forums, planned to be hosted in London, Rome, Milan, New York and Moscow in 2020.

As Fabrizio highlighted, all these events in other countries could be attended only by members of Leaders First, who benefit from access to international network of leaders and many other advantages.

A new type of the membership was also introduced on the night - Premium Membership. It’s designed for a wider exposure of individual members towards community of business professionals and boasts plenty of personal branding opportunities.

For the delight of all members it was announced that the new online platform had just been launched. It provides Leaders First members with online Academy content which they can apply to boost their potential, and also access directory of international members to reach powerful network.

During the evening, members and guests were treated to delicious Russian cousine, drinks and tasty canapés curated by Mari Vanna restaurant team. The festive night was topped with a live performer who sang a delightful mix of Christmas songs old and new!

A big thank you to all our Ambassadors, Members and their guests who joined us on this delightful evening.

We look forward to our next Christmas celebrations at Italian branch of Leaders First in Milan on the 16th of December! To attend this final event coming up this year you can register HERE.

To find out about Membership, please see our newly launched platform at this link.