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Christmas event and dinner by Leaders First in London

There is no better place to celebrate Christmas than in a smart part of Central London - in Mayfair. The prestigious hotel, filled with Christmas cheer and a magical atmosphere was a special choice for the last event of this year organised by Leaders First , an inspirational talk and dinner on the 10th December.

Leaders First Christmas event in Mayfair, London
Leaders First Christmas event in Mayfair, London

We were thrilled to see our members, ambassadors and their guests meeting our inspirational speakers and enjoying dinner & networking session with globally minded international professionals and entrepreneurs.

The evening started with interviews and fruitful discussions with two amazing speakers Vivek Chadha, Founder of Nine Hotel Group and Parveen Dhanda, Head of Growth Programmes & Late Stage at Tech Nation, conducted by Leaders First founder Fabrizio Nicolosi.

Leaders First
Leaders First - Live interview with leaders

Both speakers, leaders in their respective industries, showed their great commitment to empower the audience and provide insights into their career development.

Vivek shared with us some key actions a leader in real estate and hospitality business needs to take to stay on top:

  • The importance to go out of one's comfort zone and taking risks

  • The role of communication

  • To be open to new activities, opportunities and always meeting new people

  • The ability to be innovative even in simple things you do 

Speakers at Leaders First
Vivek Chadha and Parveen Dhanda - Speakers at Leaders First

Praveen highlighted that all people are leaders as well as on:

  • Importance of knowing where you go and knowing yourself 

  • Being able to lead and take people with you, as well as working closely with your team 

  • An important role of compassion 

  • Transparency and being open to receive a feedback

Leaders First - Q&A time
Q&A Time at Leaders First

The interview with our inspiring leaders followed by questions from the audience, and the presentation of the strategy 2019 of Leaders First highlighting key projects planned for the next year by Leaders First founder. 

The new strategy included a presentation of our new motivational video which is going to be available to see for all members on our online platform  from January 2019.

Leaders First
Fabrizio Nicolosi - Founder of Leaders First

We were pleased to present the start of our educational programme on leadership from the first in-class training on “Effective Communication” on the 26th of January 2019. The training is intended to improve the communication skills for all situations focusing on the following areas: Breathing, Voice and speaking, Non-Verbal Communication and Language.

The registration for this training is now open with limited places available to book at this link.

It was with a great pleasure that we also introduced our new initiative Women First, a series of events with the focus on successful examples and development of female leaders. As it was announced during the event we will start from Women First conference & networking on the 11th of February in London.

Besides planned events in London, 2019 will be a year when Leaders First will launch a few new branches in other locations in Europe and USA and will hold events in Moscow, New York and Barcelona.

Leaders First Community
Leaders First - Members & Guests in London

We  would like to thank our Speakers Praveen and Vivek who gave us useful insights into their professional experience, Ambassadors and Members from Italy for their continues support, and to all guests for attending our special Christmas evening.

A special thank you to our partner GioielliDOP for this event, their continuous support and for providing Christmas gifts to our guests.

If you would like to know more about Membership please follow this link.