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Coaching: a powerful tool to develop Future Leaders

Coaching for Future Leaders - 4th October 2018
Coaching for Future Leaders - 4th October 2018

Thursday the 4th of October, a fun evening full of insight with speakers, members and many guests. Hosted in the beautiful Army and Navy Club, St’ James London, Leaders First’s event, was really an inspiring one.

Our inspirational speaker panel was composed of Julie-Anna Needham, Senior Reporter at DealReporter, Keith Webster, Advanced Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, and Giovanni Amodeo, Global Head of Editorial Analytics and Research at Acuris Global. They all gave us a unique perspective on the importance of coaching for current and future leaders.

Coaching for Future Leaders - Panel Speakers

Julie-Anne focused on the evolution of coaching and how besides aiding in the development of a variety of soft skills, coaching nowadays takes a more holistic approach and promotes many different areas of wellbeing such as mindfulness.

Giovanni on the other hand took a more personal approach as he discussed his experiences with coaches, which although he says were not always positive, were necessary in giving him needed support, especially times when a firm undertook rapid expansion.

Coaching for Future Leaders - Members & Guests

Guests were then delighted to hear from Keith, a Gallup certified coach who provided a firsthand outlook on coaching and how it can help business environments and various different levels of management, harmonise and create greater awareness and engagement within a firm.

A common thought, or should we say fact that echoed throughout the words of all of our speakers was the importance of communication. Whether it was in conveying a vision, receiving feedback or even in normal talks within the workplace, the need for adequate communication is key. The floor was then opened to all our guests for a thought-provoking Q&A session. Various discussions led back to a main point made by the speakers of an important prerequisite for anyone looking to receive coaching; willpower. One must be wanting to make a change, a change which will subsequently aid them in realising their potential, but also become aware of their limitations and ultimately, find a way to overcome them.

Coaching for Future Leaders - Q&A Time

Finally the founder Fabrizio Nicolosi concluded the evening by briefly touching up on some exciting news for Leaders First. As a fast growing exclusive community which has gained over 350 new members in the past 6 months, Fabrizio was happy to announce the development of a new online platform for all members as well as the first series of events being held in Milan and Rome with plans to expand all the way from Moscow to New York in the near future.

Coaching for Future Leaders - Fabrizio Nicolosi, Founder - Closing Remarks

Our guests then remained at our wonderful venue for a delightful reception filled with networking, thoughts on leadership and even some drinks. We would like to thank our speakers and everyone who made this evening truly a special one and hope to see you on the 10th of December for our Christmas dinner here in London.

Filippo Musneci

Associate Member & Contributor for Leaders First