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Effective Communication

The ever-increasing presence of technology in the office has forced a complete change of the way we communicate. Digitisation is good and it is our future, however it leads to one of the top soft skills communication weakening. The deficit of these skills can affect any business relationships, with bad communication creating tensions, therefore it requires constant improvement.

Effective Communication - 26 January 2019, London
Effective Communication by Leaders First

Teamed up with Julie-Anne Needham, a former broadcast journalist, who has worked for the BBC and Sky News, Leaders First starts this year the Soft-Skills Academy from mastering greater performance for all situations.

During Effective Communication bespoke half-day training, which consist of theory and practical elements, Julie-Anne will concentrate on the following areas:


Diaphragmatic breathing, breathing for public speaking, using breath to calm nerves

Voice and speaking

How to project, speaking with confidence, finding your authentic voice

Non-Verbal Communication

Body language, making an entrance, postures


Selecting appropriate language, words with impact, writing succinctly

A small class of maximum 6 attendees will help to focus effectively on individual needs of each participant. To achieve a successful outcome all trainees are asked to prepare a short speech or presentation before the class.

Communication is considered to be one of the top soft-skills and it is the key to build relationship and to influencing others.

To find out more about the training and to register, please follow this link.