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Funding for Entrepreneurs (Milan)

It became a tradition to gather Leaders First community of members and their guests on a Monday in beautiful Brera, central area of Milan. This time it was another yet important occasion for discussions with industry experts - fundraising for entrepreneurs and investment opportunities in Italy.

Entrepreneurs First event on the 10th of June, which took place in a members club DO7 Eco Club House, began with an overview on Entrepreneurship and Funding in Italy by Novica Mrdovic Vianello, Partner at Star Tech Ventures.

Novica Mrdovic Vianello, Partner at Star Tech Ventures

Starting his presentation from a brief on Italian economic climate, Novica then moved on to discuss in details different options for funding a business in Italy. The audience was also presented with the situation of Private Equity in Europe, and interesting insights into Venture Capitals in both Italy and Europe overall. At the end of his talk, the Fellow Member of Leaders First, and the expert in the financial world, made an important comparison between investments in Italy and the Netherlands.

A series of interviews with entrepreneurs started from Valentina Caiazzo, journalist at Acuris Mergermarket, inviting Christian Padovan for a chat about his entrepreneurial journey, as a Co-founder and CEO at Wash Out.

Valentina Caiazzo interviews Christian Padovan, CEO at Wash Out

Christian spoke about the importance of identifying an investor which can bring to the venture both funds and network in order to generate new business opportunities and collaborations. When investors have different and multiple objectives, he also highlighted that such situations can be challenging when trying to balance their expectations.

The next speaker invited to share his experience in growing a business was Andrea Ferrante, CFO at D-Orbit. Andrea spoke about the importance of building a sustainable business and having a sustainable business plan. As a previous speaker, he also spoke about managing investors which have different objectives and timeline in terms of their returns and expectations.

Andrea Ferrante, CFO at D-Orbit

One more entrepreneur who shared his hard learned lessons with the audience was Sabino Costanza, Co-founder at Credimi SpA. He said that especially for fin-tech company it is crucial to raise funding to be able to build a solid team with strong skills of latest technologies and new user experiences. A challenging part of the fin-tech business can be managing innovation and adaptation to strict law environment at the same time. One of his solutions for strengthening teams was to offer company shares to employees and keep them motivated.

Sabino Costanza, Co-founder at Credimi SpA

Following engaging talks with business owners and founders skilfully conducted by Valentina Caiazzo, the evening continued with Carlo Piccinini, Director and Member of the Board at AVM Gestioni SGR, being interviewed by Fabrizio Nicolosi, founder of Leaders First. From his over 20 years of experience, and being an angel investor and a Start-Up Mentor, Carlo suggested to companies who are looking to get an additional funding to be pragmatic and real with forecast and business planning. The basics from his opinion which need to be presented to investors are at least a really good idea and a trusted team. The other aspects to look into when looking for investors is being aware when exactly a business requires investments. It is also important for businesses to properly do double-way due diligence of their investors. This allows to have same values and get together for a long time.

Carlo Piccinini, Director and Member of the Board at AVM Gestioni SGR, interviewed by Fabrizio Nicolosi

The audience was very engaged in conversations and extensive Q&A sessions followed each talk of the evening.

Ciro Cafiero, partner at Cafiero Pezzali & Associati

After the discussion with both, investors and business owners, it was the time to learn from law experts how they can help on the contractual side for all parties to make investments work effectively especially at the start-up and scale-up phases. For that, we invited Ciro Cafiero partner at Cafiero Pezzali & Associati law firm, who supports companies in the field of smart working and new forms of work, for internationalisation and support them in institutional relations. Ciro shared his expert opinion and knowledge on how law can also adapt to new forms of businesses in ever changing and growing world of SMEs development. The full list of services and contacts of the law experts:

We would like to sincerely thank all our speakers, partner Cafiero Pezzali & Associati, ambassadors, members and their guests for joining us on this inspiring evening of talks and networking. We also thank our members who travelled from Rome, Venice, London and Moscow to learn more and meet other members and community of Leaders First.

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