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How to become a Successful Leader?

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

7 essential traits for successful leaders explained at Leaders First

Inspiring Future Leaders
How to become a Successful Leader?

How many times have you been thinking: “What is the proper interpretation and concept of success in modern world?” Per Wimmer - Danish philanthropist, space advocate, entrepreneur, financier, author - and Honorary Fellow Member of Leaders First has the answer.

On June 25th Leaders First members and guests were lucky enough to have the privilege of listening to Per Wimmer’s 7 pieces of advise for empowering the future leaders where he shared his personal experience of advancement.

Leaders First - 25 June 2018
Per Wimmer & Fabrizio Nicolosi

It is evident that the definition of success is deeply individual, but for Per Wimmer it is ultimately the ability to (1) think outside the box. He shared his theory with us that lateral thinking is the most significant human resource of all.

Another essential ingredient in the world of success is (2) passion. The enthusiasm you have for your work will help you thrive and prosper in a completely different perspective. Remember to listen to your heart and follow your personal path with emotions that come from within you.

Courage to always (3) execute your ideas will permanently distinguish you from your competitors. Learn to focus and convert your ideas into reality, owning the responsibilities that come with certain circumstances.

(4) Time discipline is everything. You have to realise that money and other resources can appear and disappear but in order to sustain market leadership positions, you must be conscious about allocating your time accordingly

It is also necessary to concentrate on (5) teamwork. As the old saying goes, “1+1+1=5”. Partnership creates synergy, which has been proven to enhance organisation’s performance.

Teamwork: 1+1+1=5

Moreover, the capacity to (6) estimate and evaluate the maximum downside is one of the most noteworthy traits. A leader who can anticipate the worst outcome that can happen to his company will always be one step ahead of everyone else, hence cultivating the entrepreneurial attitude.

Last but not least, (7) inspiration is the key to the utopian microcosm. Successful leaders will always make sure to give something back to the people around them, unselfishly. It is our duty as human beings to spread inspiration in every field of work.

So you want to make a difference and create your own success, and at the same time enjoy and have an impact on your community? Follow these 7 qualities which will define your path of constant growth as a successful leader.

To listen the original speech, follow this link.