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Inspiring Future Leaders: three successful stories

Updated: Jul 3, 2018

Inspiring Future Leaders event taking place on the 25th of June, 2018 was a great way to introduce Leaders First, present its vision, key values and initiatives, and bring together various speakers across many different sectors.

Leaders First. Founder Fabrizio Nicolosi and Co-Founders

The audience had a unique opportunity to engage with our inspirational speakers Per Wimmer, Paul Volley, Livia Aliberti Amidani, and Giovanni Amodeo and gain insight into these professionals’ experience and knowledge.

Leaders First - Inspiring Future Leaders, Speakers

There is no doubt about it: our guest speakers were the stars of the event. They added most value by sharing their expertise, knowledge, thoughts, and skills with the present audience leaving our guests impressed, inspired and empowered.

Leaders First - 25 June 2018

Throughout the evening, the founder of Leaders First, Fabrizio Nicolosi and co-founders of the organisation, facilitated conversations, coordinated the on-site facilities capturing some of the most unique moments from the evening and ensuring the guests were very well looked after.

Per Wimmer & Fabrizio Nicolosi

Everybody enjoyed celebrating an evening of networking and cocktails, splendid venue, and interesting conversations. The feedback and comments were amazing and it was a huge success. We are delighted to have shared this special evening with our members and guests and are looking forward to hosting many more in the future.