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Updated: Jun 27, 2018

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In an era of heightened corporate transparency, greater workforce mobility, and severe skills shortages, employee engagement, retention and lack of leadership have emerged as top issues for human resources. Sadly, when these problems occur, HR managers do too little to communicate within their companies. Leaders First addresses these challenges by means of operating a global programme which empowers and connects leaders around the world.

Our programme brings together a wide range of ambitious young leaders and senior leaders from a variety of fields, who are driven by the passion and hunger for success. It is designed to help them gain highly recognised credentials, develop confidence, knowledge and skills essential for communication, persuasion and influencing.

So, why Leaders First?

Leaders First

Leaders First is a private organization operating a global programme for empowering and connecting future leaders. Our mission is to establish an international community of global entrepreneurs and develop a continuous-learning approach towards leadership. Membership is by invitation-only, and to join applicants must be recommended by a club member.

From Autumn 2018, members will be granted access to the innovative training methodology focusing on the development of soft-skills that are imperative for every leader. Developed in conjunction with leading Universities, this model of soft-skills enrichment will enable you to build constructive working relationships with others and vary your communication style to suit the circumstances. Personal empowerment is key to success, so through your own efforts and with the help and support of professional coaches and mentors you’ll be well equipped for effective leadership.

Moreover, members will have a privileged access to private exclusive events – from award ceremonies and gala dinners through to breakfast briefings, large-scale conferences and other special initiatives aimed at attracting selected outstanding top leaders to get involved, inspired and empowered, share knowledge and experience with like-minded highly-skilled professionals. Those events will be either organised by Leaders First directly or selected members will be granted access to events organised by trusted partners of Leaders First.

Additionally, you will gain access to services and opportunities offered by our global partners such as bespoke rewards, selected educational deals, discounted access to services and experiences relevant to your personal interests and professional needs, and many other experiences that will help you stay connected to the international network of outstanding global leaders.

Engagement starts at the top, so make engagement your corporate priority. Get involved with Leaders First today and make the most of your participation!

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