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A powerhouse partnership: Leaders First and “Leader del Futuro” by The European House Ambrosetti

Updated: Apr 17, 2018

Leaders First is a private organisation based in London operating global program for empowering and connecting future leaders. It was built to support and serve a select group of global community leaders, and to enrich its commitment to a dynamic international leadership, learning and development culture.

Leaders First is primarily focused on inspiring and connecting future leaders, along with joining diversity and youth in entrepreneurs, managers, professionals, journalists, designers, and more. As an active international leadership player, Leaders First enables connectivity of a certain calibre, worldwide. Its successful global partnership program is a proof to the positive influence of Leaders First and like Leaders First, “Leader del Futuro” - an innovative continuous-learning programme focused on the enrichment of young leaders managed by The European House Ambrosetti - is enthusiastically invested in international connectivity and development.

"Best Private Think Tanks"

It’s no surprise that The European House Ambrosetti was nominated in the "Best Private Think Tanks" category and today, is the number one think tank across Italy. Founded in 1965, The European House Ambrosetti business model hosts a variety of competencies - and all under the one brand and banner. Highly prestigious due to years of unwavering dedication, the firm’s partners have firmly established a powerhouse international consultancy that adds both weight and significant depth, to the entrepreneur and business community. ”

Now - Leaders First and “Leader del Futuro” have connected in partnership. “Leader del Futuro” is giving to Leaders First and its international community the opportunity to attend some exclusive and invitation-only events with the final aim to facilitate cultural exchange and boosting international collaboration

Join the Leaders First selected group at the Villa d’Este

On the weekend of 8th and 9th September 2018, a special event - well known as “Intelligence on the World, Europe and Italy” - managed by The European House Ambrosetti - hosting an international elite group of leaders will be taking place. Held annually since 1975, this event hosts an impressive array of distinguished speakers of the highest order, from the world of academia, government, business, and more.

Alongside this main event held at Villa d’Este at Cernobbio, Lake Como, it is planned the event for the young leaders community. This innovative new program, part of the “Leader del Futuro” continuous-learning programme is designed to enhance young professionals along with their leadership skills and resources (applicants aged up to 35 years old may apply) combined with the exclusive opportunity to meet international experts and top-leaders sharing insights and analysis on global, regional, industrial and political agendas.

Get Inspired

As part of the partnership, Leaders First will be offered - for selected ambassadors and fellow members - a limited number of tickets at special price.

We encourage you to share the word about our prestigious and partnered initiative between Leaders First and “Leader del Futuro” by The European House Ambrosetti.

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