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Leaders First is now a member of BritishAmerican Business

Leaders Fist. A great future in the United States.

We are proud to announce that Leaders First recently became a member of BritishAmerican Business, an exclusive transatlantic business networking group for transatlantic businesses in the UK & USA.

Leaders First believes being a member of BritishAmerican Business will contribute to promoting and expanding joint initiatives and collaboration on both sides of the Atlantic.

BritishAmerican Business (BAB) offers excellent networking opportunities for its members in both New York and London, and through its membership of the British-American Business Council, members also benefit from access to a network of over 20 chapters and more than 2,000 member companies based in major business centres throughout the United Kingdom and North America.

BAB’s primary aim is to share insights, and facilitate meetings, which will strengthen and intensify business relationships in the transatlantic investment community. Through the series of exclusive events, members have a chance to meet, as well as consult and examine current policies with legislators and the executive branch of both Governments, thereby participating and contributing to the protection and amelioration of stipulation for international trade.

BritishAmerican Business

Moreover, Leaders First strives to share knowledge, inspirational insights and fresh perspectives for participants from all around the world, creating an abundance of opportunities for future leaders, which particularly connects us with BritishAmerican Business’ beliefs in a distinct manner.

By operating as an exceptional threshold for the Leaders First community, BritishAmerican Business will allow our members to increase their exposure to the US environment market and thus ensure the prosperity of trade on an international scale.

By joining Leaders First, the participants are able to receive the best possible services, support and opportunities when working both in the UK and the US. Rest assured that this partnership will prospectively contribute to the process of creating joint initiatives, as well as guarantee cross-participation in the events, along with the possibility of members from different communities to meet and connect with one another.