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Leaders First have crossed the Atlantic

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

In New York on the 7th of May an enthusiastic audience gathered to welcome first event of Leaders First in the U.S.A: Inspiring Future Leaders. The event took place on the 10 floor of the World Trade Center with breathtaking views of Manhattan - a perfect location to get inspired by success stories.

The event was opened by a welcome speech from Leaders First founder Fabrizio Nicolosi, and continued with Lana Vilner, Head of Research - Americas at Mergermarket, interviewing our guests speakers Anh Ha Quynh (Head of Strategy, Music Traveler) and Gianpiero Pagliaro (Vice President Branch Offices & Talent Development, MSC USA).

Opening & Welcome Remarks

The first question to our leaders was about the meaning of success. Drawing parallels with success in sports, our leaders spoke about determination, ambition and curiosity as important characteristics required for achieving professional goals.

Anh and Gianpiero took from their professional experience the following pieces of advice on how to achieve success.

Anh Ha Quynh (Head of Strategy, Music Traveler)

They stressed the importance of finding your own purpose and working with determination to reach your goal, keeping the focus on it every minute of every day. They also spoke about the necessary of setting correlated business goals based on what one really wants and taking time to achieve them.

Gianpiero Pagliaro (Vice President Branch Offices & Talent Development, MSC USA)

And as important as determination, having a positive attitude and trying always to raise the bar are the best ways to exploit new opportunities and go further in your professional path.

Both leaders showed their great commitment to empower the audience and provided insights into how to become a successful leader. The key point of a successful leadership is self-confidence. Adding strength to your actions and plans is helpful when managing uncertainties.

All speakers greatly contributed to the event with their vision and ideas about doing business globally, and on how to improve and progress leadership skills. They also provided examples of  effective work-life balance.

Our Members and their Guests showed their enthusiasm during a thought-provoking Q&A session which was followed by a productive networking session during which Jean Jacques Dandrieux (venture Partner for differential Ventures) connected with us at the World Trade Centre from France.

Q&A session

The evening was full of great stories and great ideas. We would like to humbly thank all our inspiring speakers as well as members and ambassadors of Leaders First who played a crucial part to the success of the initiative to inspire and empower leaders around the world.

We look forward to continue growing our community in New York and the rest of US with our  next event Women First in the USA in Autumn 2019.