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New online Members platform and the Academy presented at Leaders First Members-only events

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

Members-only event in Milan

A series of Members-only events took place in London, Milan and Rome, a new format of events launched by Leaders First in Spring 2019. These seasonal events are planned exclusively for our Members and their guests who are planning to join the organisation, and provide detailed updates on Leaders First activities.

Starting from April 8th in London, then continuing with the event on April 15th in Milan, and eventually bringing members gathering format on April 18th to Rome - the new Members Platform has been presented by the Founder Fabrizio Nicolosi in all three cities. The Platform is one of the major innovative tools of Leaders First, where part of the Academy is offered to members.

Members-only event in London

There is one question which everyone should ask themselves.

How to become a Leader in a fast, successful and effective way?

The Academy is at the core of the Educational Programme of Leaders First. Its aim is to provide Members with tailored goal-oriented learning tools based on the individual aspirations of each Member.

Members first choose between a managerial or entrepreneurial path. Each path presents a number of courses and modules, all of which develop and improve different aspects of leadership. Once Members have selected the path to follow, they can choose specific modules which are delivered through multiple educational tools (i.e. events, and online media content) and training methodologies, such as active participation and discussion over business cases with top industry players, online learning and experiential learning. 

Members-only event in Rome

For that the Members Platform offers a dedicated section where each member will be able to build a personal profile and to get access to online contents. This is an exclusive space for Leaders First Community which is rapidly growing thanks to our expansion in countries like UK, Italy, USA, Russia and France.

The participants of the Spring Members-only events in UK and Italy showed their enthusiasm about this important news of Leaders First and look forward to begin their growth journey within next weeks with the help fo the Platform.

Stay tuned and apply to become a Member to benefit from all new elements of the Platform and more.