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Inspiring Future Leaders in Moscow

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

On the 27th of May Leaders First hosted Inspiring Future Leaders event in Moscow. The event attracted a truly international audience who met in cosy rooms of the Marriott hotel, located right in between historical Red Square and international business centre. Members from Milan, London and Moscow and their guests gathered to hear inspiring leaders, meet like-minded professionals and learn from shared experience.

Novica Mrdovic, Leaders First Fellow Member

The evening started from opening remarks by Novica Mrdovic Vianello, Leaders First fellow member from Milan, who welcomed guests at our first event in Moscow. He then passed the word to the panel moderator of the event - Julia Maximovskaya, who is a strategy consultant based in London, and who was with us in Moscow to interview our speakers.

The first duo of inspiring speakers were Danilo Lacmanovic and Thomas Noll, who shared their expertise in growing professionally in other countries and becoming successful leaders despite all challenges they faced away from their homeland. They shared their hard-learned lessons, personal experiences and lots of advice.

Danilo Lacmanovic, Chairman at Regency Project Management

Among their suggestions were: to always be curious about cultures and countries where you work or do business, adapt and be flexible, learn how to think out of the box. We heard priceless advice and investment tips from Danilo, who has built successful businesses in Russia, UK and Switzerland.

Thomas Noll, General Manager at Barvikha Hotel & Spa

Thomas, from his experience as a top hotelier, highlighted the importance of motivating employees, the role of sports in his life and the power of giving back. The importance of always making steps towards your objectives was also discussed.

Both speakers received interesting questions from the audience during Q&A session after their talk. This, as always, helped our guests to learn more from leaders and get some additional insights in their individual models of success.

Our next two speakers were Moscow based entrepreneurs Ekaterina Spinelli and Sergey Mironov. As we found out during their talks, both entrepreneurs didn’t start in their current industries.

Ekaterina Spinelli Entrepreneur, Designer, Founder "Art of Interiors"

Ekaterina shared with the audience how she discovered her passion for entrepreneurship and initial decision to follow family advice and to focus on career in finance. Sergey, on the other hand, was trained to become a lawyer. Then, becoming a barman, he eventually became restaurant owner at the age of 23, later moving on to consulting other restaurant businesses.

Eventually both entrepreneurs focused on following their passion: Ekaterina as a designer and real estate entrepreneur; Sergey as a successful restaurateur.

Sergey Mironov Restaurateur, Owner of the restaurant chain “Meat & Fish”

That evening we learned a few pieces of advice from Sergey, one of them was to select carefully a project you want to focus on and say no to other enterprises which can distract from your main objective.

Ekaterina, from her side, suggested to find opportunities everywhere, especially during a crisis, when others do not necessarily see them. She believes that there are always opportunities to grow, to stay positive in any economical situation and do what you love. Our interior design professional also pointed out at importance of feeling support from close ones on your entrepreneurial journey.

Dos from Sergey: set goals, write a business plan. Don'ts from Sergey: let go employees who do not share your values.

Dos from Ekaterina: dream and visualise your path, inspire others to follow you. Don’ts from Ekaterina: don’t copy.

Following another yet engaging session of Q&A to speakers, Fabrizio Nicolosi presented Leaders First mission, values and global growth plans.

Fabrizio Nicolosi, Founder of Leaders First

We would like to thank all our inspiring leaders from Moscow and London, ambassadors and members of Leader First for their valuable contributions. And also thanks to all our guests for their active participation during talks and engaging networking session.

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